“First Day Back” Mistakes, Plus Grenville Park Review

June 19, 2017 – Our summer road trip has begun. The goal is a quick trip to Montreal (Camping Mirabel) to see some friends and get back into the RV groove.

We made the mistake of scheduling our post-winter packing of the trailer for the first day of travel. Bad idea. I figured the trailer was already closed up and there was nothing in the cupboards, so let’s just pile all the bins in and go. Umm, no. Liz reminded me about all the clothes, dishes and other sundries that  would have to go in before we hit the road, so a good two hours of valuable travel time was swallowed up as we basically “moved back in” to the trailer as it sat parked outside our rented condo.

The moral: if you put your rig in storage, make sure to bring it out for a few days at the local campsite or on your driveway, before heading out on the road. Who needs a “moving day” level of stress on top of the normal challenges of RVing?

A year into owning my rig and I still can’t believe how big it is. When I see a 5th wheel coming along on the other side of the highway, the pickup looks dwarfed – like a tugboat pulling a freighter.

But here we are. Day 1 and 2 of a hopefully 25-day trip, driving one day and staying on average 3 nights at each site, to allow time for rest, sightseeing, and oh yes, work, I still have to do that.

This first stop is Grenville Park between Kingston and Cornwall on the heavily-travelled 401 highway, Grenville is great choice as a stopover on this long road between Montreal and Toronto, but it would also be great as a summer retreat for those smart enough to stay put for a while. The lots are reasonably spacious, and the park has a really nice layout, literally at the water’s edge. Well-manicured grass, and superb views of the river and the ships. There is lots of history in this neck of the woods. Canada and the U.S. saw much military action in the 18th century, often against each other. There are pleasant towns nearby, and being so close to the water, you can watch the freighters heading up or down the St. Lawrence, and wave at the upstate New Yorkers just half a mile away.

View from the campsite: the imaginatively named Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

As usual, the WiFi is almost non-existent, but otherwise, it’s a really nice, quiet, spacious park. I will definitely schedule it in again as a stopover on any future 401-based trips.


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