Back to Earth – September 2016


As August reveals the slightly shorter days, the longer dusks, and the mature apples, grasshoppers and ragweed bushes, so I realize that we, too, must leave summer behind and focus on the more sober activities of Fall. We have lived as full-timers for exactly three months now, and we have enjoyed every moment of it. Our travels have not taken us far as of yet, essentially to Montreal and back, but we have learned so much, and with the exception of sleeping, we have been outside almost the entire time.

Borrowed from Technomadia's blog (click to visit) One of the best blogs in the RV community.
Borrowed from Technomadia’s blog (click to visit) One of the best blogs in the RV community.

I have greatly enjoyed doing my writing work from underneath the 5th-wheel overhang, a place that gives shadow almost all day, while Henry sleeps under the trailer itself. It is easy to lose track of the days, which is why I was so amused to see Technomadia showing off their “day clock.” It looks odd at first glance, but makes sense once you grow used to the unhurried pace of a rural RV park or campsite.

Now, however, I face the other half of my business life, the in-person consultations and speeches. This year I worked hard to pool them together, limiting my availability to one month stretches, to ensure we could still sneak away from time to time. I mustn’t complain – work is work, but it sure stings a little to have to come back to earth.

I love looking at trees, hills and horses. I love watching big buses and trailers pull into the park, and I equally love watching them leave. Each departure rekindles my wanderlust just a little more, wondering where they are off to next. I love watching Henry sleep away the afternoon, and I love the night breezes wafting through the coach. I am counting the days now until I can walk with him along an ocean beach, instigating tide pools and the creatures they hold.

As we prepare the trailer for a brief – very brief – sojourn in the storage area of our favorite park, I find myself already looking at two screens: my calendar and the map, calculating where we could squeeze in another road trip.

This lifestyle may not be for everyone, but it certainly has shown us some amazing adventures already. It is time to unpack the suit and act respectable again for a few weeks, but I will be doing so with my gaze firmly fixed on the horizon.



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