Leaving Barrie – Setting Sail

So we are preparing to leave Barrie. It is a wonderful thing watching a town come to life after a long winter. Our daily ritual is to take Henry for a long walk every morning, rotating between a number of trails and parks, so over the months we have seen each of these areas transform from icebound, silent and white, to active, with blues and greens, and people everywhere.

During the depth of winter there were diehard fishing types out on the lake, braving both the cold and the sheer reality of standing on just a few inches of ice that had only recently frozen over. Compelled to catch fish regardless of the climate, they were out there every day, some driving their ATVs, and yes, some going through and having to be rescued by the city fire department.

Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe, February 2016
Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe, February 2016

Those little dots out there are huts, people and dogs.

Flash forward to today, May 9, and the town is, in my opinion, a place of far greater splendor. The leaves are budding and most importantly, the boats are back in the marina.

Barrie Marina
Barrie Marina

Marinas always mean a great deal to me. I sailed during my young and single years, and the boating community is much like what I have heard about the RVing community – very close, friendly, and collectively focused on the enjoyment of travel and adventure.

Marinas also bring to mind one of my favorite expressions:  “A harbor is the safest place for a boat, but that’s not what they were built for.” That phrase captures much of my personality as a compulsive wanderer.

We shall be a little sad to leave this town and the wonderful house that has been our home for the first six months of our travels. It has been a long, hard slog, pulling together the money to get the rig (truck and trailer) purchased and ready. We still have two weeks to go, and frankly I will believe the next chapter only when I see it.

We are mentally preparing ourselves for a whole bunch of new experiences: using and looking after RV toilets and tanks, experiencing RV parks and their residents for the first time, figuring out how things work and how much stuff weighs, and making sure Henry is OK with constant changes to his environment. Even after three years of book study, there is much cause for slightly cold feet.

However, it is time to set sail. Hopefully, if everything works out, we will be on our way in just about two weeks.


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