2015-12-25 Toronto-BarrieNot much to show yet in terms of traversing the continent, but I really like Barrie – much more than I thought I would. Lots of walkable parks and open space.

We are spending the December-May period here in a rented house. It feels wonderful to be free of the trappings of a full-sized house, and to be just a few minutes from deep forest. The Barrie waterfront is a wonderfully peaceful place.

Shanty Bay, Barrie
Shanty Bay, Barrie

It has a lot of interesting history, especially where railways and travel come in. We walked The Nine Mile Portage, which was originally an indigenous pathway between the Lake Simcoe and the waterways that lead to Lake Huron.

In the 1850’s Barrie was the final destination for one branch of the Underground Railroad, and many times  walked the Oro-Medonte rail trail, a straight-as-a-die former rail line that fed the outlying towns.

Being 50 miles away from Toronto, it is both near enough to get there reasonably fast, yet distant enough away to feel much more connected to the rolling forests and farmland that surround the town. Maybe greatest of all is that you can actually see the different colours of the stars in the night sky.

Henry, in front of the famous Dreamcatcher statue, Barrie.

Henry in front of the famous Dreamcatcher statue, Barrie

…and walking the bridge through the Bear Creek Eco-Park. Much ducks!

Bear Creek Eco-Park
Bear Creek Eco-Park

A dash-cam photo of the morning after the March 2016 ice storm.




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