In memory of Dou

2012-10-21 Dou on water 1Dou, to whom this blog is dedicated, was our ancient husky who lived to the age of 13 before passing away one very cold and sleety night – March 20, 2014 to be exact. Dou was a big dog who didn’t move around much due to his age, as well as arthritis and dysplasia – but he remained full of life up until the end, and as with all huskies, was stubborn, single minded and a great fan of salmon.

When Liz and I came together to start our second lives together, Dou was our central calming force. His quiet gaze seemed to know all, and we were a threesome during a time of great turmoil.

We are happy to know that we gave him a good life, after Liz rescued him from an abusive home where he had been essentially left to die. She nursed him back to health, and he responded with great kindness and a sardonic canine sense of humor.

2013-07-13 Mr. DouWe would have loved to have him come along with us on our adventures, but sadly his time on earth came to an end before we were ready to move on.

However, as with all great canine friends, he lives with us daily, and we are convinced that our new upstart husky pup Henry talks to him nightly in some sort of Obi-Wan fashion, learning the tips and tricks of belligerence and naughtiness that is typical of the husky breed.

Dou’s name came from a First Nations language – we do not know which – and so, in looking for a name for our adventures, we came across the Japanese word Dojo, which has a few meanings, one of which is “traveling together,” and another is “a place of the way.” We figured that was fitting.

So, once the 5th wheel is hooked up, we will carry his collar and a fabulous portrait of him (painted by my mother), and he will ride with us everywhere.



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